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Bawlin from Lego set 79003 An Unexpected Gathering

Bawlin from Lego set 79003 An Unexpected Gathering
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 Bawlin is one of the older members of the company, but he is still pretty good in a fight and wise. He has learned from experience how to be a wise and powerful fighter from the many battles.

 One of the most devastating battles he fought in is when King Thror tried to reclaim the Dwarf kindom of Moria. It happened shortly after Smaug had taken the lonely mountain. The Orcs, led by Azog, had taken Moria. But the King wanted it back. So he took his armies, his son Thrain, and his grandson Thorin. But Azog on that battle swore that he would eradicate the line of Durin. Well you know the rest if you watched the movie.

 He is old friends with Thorin and is now helping him in his quest to retake the Lonely Mountain, aka Erebor, and defeat Smaug. He is actually related to Thorin and is a dwarf lord.

 He is one of my favorite characters from the trilogy. I like how he mistook the blue cheese for molded cheese. (: But he is a good fighter. I would have liked it if he just didn't give up when they thought the quest was worthless.

 Have you ever had one of those weird dreams where you're trying to run or fight but you can't do anything effective. Well I had one where I was Bawlin and I was running for my life from Smaug. Don't ask. Anyways I was in a slow motion run thing. Smaug right behind me and, and, and, and, CHOMP. End of dream. That would have been the cruelest cutoff point if it were a movies. It was just a weird dream.

 Anyways I hope you enjoyed the post. I will be doing more of these later on. See you next time.


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