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Darth Vader's Tie Advanced

Darth Vader's Tie Advanced
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Darth Vader's Tie Advanced is just like the one shown in the new Star Wars Rebels series, they both get blown up. There might be like 1 or 2 modifications that could have been added to the one seen in episode 4 a New Hope. They also have twin laser cannons.

 They are both really cool and deadly in a fight. I am sure Vader likes it too. But it really needs a CD player or something. Maybe a cup holder, another seat perhaps, better storage, a TV for when you are on auto pilot, some surround sound, voice command, a place for a droid, a holo communicator, teddy bears, and a cloaker. What else did I forget, oh yes, a candy machine. And don't forget to put in a video game system. I think Vader would need a bigger ship, oh wait, just use the star destroyer. Then you can get a TV as big as a house. If you have any other ideas for what else would be cool let me know.

 I am not sure about you, but I really like the sound of the tie fighters. I have no clue what it is a cross of, but it is awesome. It is one of the coolest engine sounds for a fighter that I have heard. Here is a link to a Lego video for it. Tie Advanced

 This is my custom Tie Advanced as you can see in the pictures. I used one of the mini tie screens from the Tie Interceptor from the death star planet set for this creation. I like using this technique for the wings better than trying to get all of the bending bricks to work. You usually have to make the miniature creations bigger in order to get those bends just right. This is simpler, better looking in my opinion, and cooler. I also use it for star ships and things.


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