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Find What is Wrong with the Picture 2

Find What is Wrong with the Picture 2
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   I have been thinking of multiple ways on how to do sneaky things with my new Dol Guldur sets that I got for Christmas. I really like it and I thought to myself, what can I do to make this interesting. So I did this to add a little humor to it. There are several sneaky things, not is what it appears to be. This works just like the last one. But if you are new to my search series, please follow the instructions.

 Find all of the wrong things in the picture and leave a review with your answer. Tell me how me how many and what things are not supposed to be in the picture.

 This is a very tricky one, I will try and think of more things like this. Just do not look under the axe. Nothing there. No need to look there. Nothing to see there. Just divert your eyes. Do not look under there. I know you will look because I mentioned it. I say zips under there. No peeks. < the truth back there.

 Some of them are easy, weird, and funny, others are more discreet,  and annoying. Please enjoy the search. I shall post the answers in a little bit or when someone finds a correct answer.

 Again, this has nothing to do with the post but I just thought it was cool. It is a bit more realistic than some of the other Lego movies, so click the following link to get the video. Lego Video. This had nothing to do to do with this post so don't think that it has the answers in it. I will definitely be doing more fun posts like these in the near future. So keep looking out for my fun, interesting, annoying, maddening, and tricky find what's wrong in the picture series.


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