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Find What is Wrong with the Picture

Find What is Wrong with the Picture
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This is my first of many search posts that I will be doing, so enjoy. If you're anything like me at all, your room is absolutely full of Lego Bricks. Sometimes, my parents come in my room and step on them. OOOUCCCHHHHH!!!  That's gotta hurt!

But, they're used to it by now because I've been building with Legos since I was about three years old. Yeah - I know, little kids shouldn't play with Legos because they're a choking hazard for small children. But I was different; my parents said that they would watch me closely and I never once tried to put one in my mouth. They said that I just started building and sometimes I would even fall asleep while I was building.

Even as I got older, I was pretty much the same. I remember starting to work on something and then the next think I knew - I'd be tucked away safely in my bed. My parents said I would build until I couldn't keep my head up anymore and I would just fall asleep and they'd put me in my bed.

But anyways, enough about me. Getting back to this picture that has funny and wrong Lego things in it - I just thought it would be fun. Do you remember the books for kids that were called "Where's Waldo." That's okay if you don't - you can click here and read more about them.  Well, I had a lot of the "Where's Waldo" books when I was growing up - because each one was kind of like a small mystery. You had to go through page after page of silly art work and Waldo would be hiding in the picture somewhere. Sometimes he'd pop right out at you but sometimes you had to stare at the picture for a while to find out where he was. - Pretty cool for small kids...but I thought that doing the same with some of my Lego creations would be just as fun.

Again, there are several things wrong in this picture. Some are funny, weird, and discreet, but I hope you get them all and have fun while doing it. Don't look under the planks, you will not find anything interesting there. If you're a true Lego builder and a Lego brick fan...then you'll be able to see what I've done in this picture. You won't find Waldo, but you're sure to see things that are not just right in the Lego characters and pieces. Just click on the image below to get started.

Make a review and tell me what you think is wrong and how many things are wrong. The "Add Review" button is just under the Social Share buttons below.

Enjoy!  ...And I will update my post when I get a few guesses.


This Lego Nijago video has absolutely nothing to do with the picture below - but it's a pretty cool video in case you need a break when working on the image below.



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