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General Grievous Clone Wars Version

General Grievous Clone Wars Version
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This cyborg was trained by Count Dooku in the arts of the Jedi. His 2 arms can split into 4 arms so he can wield 4 lightsabers at once. He likes to use three main tactics, which are intimidation, surprise, and fear to ensure he gets his trophy.

 Grievous used to be a Kalesh war lord. Even back then he had a taste for Jedi lightsabers. But it was thought that Count Dooku himself killed him and turned what was left of him into the general of the droid army. He was in the catacombs under Geonosis during the first battle of the Clone Wars.

His first appearance to the Jedi was on Hypori. Hypori is a droid manufacturing plant so I guess the Jedi were there to stop the production. Grievous fought for Jedi on the planet. I do not know much more than that.

 He had a secret lair on the planet Vassek which was once invaded by two Jedi, Jedi Master Kit Fisto and Nadar Veb. They found Grievous's lair  because Count Dooku led them there with a fake trace on the location of the Viceroy. Dooku wanted the general to prove himself with the deaths of the Jedi. But Kit Fisto was the only one to escape and tell the Jedi council about the deaths of the clones and his former padawan.

 Grievous was spotted by scouts during the end of the Clone Wars on the Utapau System. Since Dooku was dead at the time, he was the key to ending the war, or so the Jedi thought. Anyways Jedi Master Kenobi brought together an army so large that it was enough to conquer 5 star systems. The 501st was a part of that battle. Well you know the rest.

 I hope you found this interesting, It shows general grievous fighting 6 jedi. It is a bit older but it is still cool. until next time.



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Stellar Shot!, 11-23-2014 03:24PM

By: Optimus

Thanks for putting this guy up. It's a stellar shot of Grievous! The history you gave on him is pretty interesting. I didn't know he had a secret lair on the planet Vassek. The Grievous mini figure is on my Christmas list and my mom wasn't sure which one to get so the picture helps. Do you know what set this one came out of? Thanks!