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Imperial Star Destroyer

Imperial Star Destroyer
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 Imperial Star Destroyers are some of the toughest ships in the imperial navy. Anything short of a Mon Calamari Cruiser, or a couple of squadrons of Y-Wing starfighters  with some other ships have a chance of taking down a Destroyer with its fighters.. They are some of the most recognizable ships in the galaxy. Very few ships that engage with this ship in combat survive.

 They have similar designs to the Venator Class Cruiser. Check out my earlier post to see more detail on the similarities between the Jedi Cruiser and the Star Destroyer. Anyways, they can carry several star fighters and hundreds of personnel. They have heavy fire power, a prison area, and more.

 If you play Star Wars Battlefront 2, then you know there are critical systems on every good sized cruiser. But if you want don't, they are the bridge, comms array, engines, There a few iconic ships that is stronger than it, the Executor, the Home One, and any other modified ships like the Aggressor Class Destroyer.

 The Star Destroyer has been in every movie from the original trilogy. It's most notable scenes were above Endor fighting the Rebel Alliance, Chasing the Millennium Falcon through asteroid belts, and boarding the Tantive 4.

This is one of my favorite miniature creations of so far. You can see it in the pictures below. I have everything that is on any Star Destroyer. It took me a while to get a good look for it, you know what I mean if you ever had one of those creations you tried to get just right.. I know Lego has made a micro fighter of it, but I like micro fighters without a place to put a minifig sized character. So I did this. If you are wondering what the 1x1 round stud bricks are on the sides, they represent turbo and ion cannons batteries.  Please let me know what you think of it.

Be sure to check for more micro creations of mine.


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