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Lego Minecraft World

Lego Minecraft World
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 This is my favorite minecraft set for the micro series, and I hope you like it as much as I do. Also enjoy the short comic in the pictures with Steve and a creeper. I also like the way it separates and reveals the caves, mines, lava, water, and gold. It is cool to see the game you like in the Lego toy form.

 I really like Minecraft, just the idea of it sounds fun. You build what you want, when you want, and how you want to build it. You can build anything from fortresses to humble homes. And then there are monsters, dragons, ultra mobs, and more. There are already made creations such as the nether castle and the mine shaft. And there are just so many blocks you can choose from. Diamonds, emeralds, coal, stone, grass, spawners, wood, and more are all there.

 The online games are just as good. I usually play at My favorite servers on there I like to play are, Turf Wars, Death Tag, Wizards, Wither Assault, Super Paintball, Mine Strike, Draw my Thing,  Castle Siege, Snake, Dragons, Survival Games, Sneaky Assassins, and Super Mash Mobs. I know it is not like a top 5 thing but I have many interests. Most of these games are good for points, you just have to get a lot of kills, first place, or something like that.

 Turf Wars is fun for me because I get to build some cool defenses and practice my sword fighting.

 Sneaky Assassins I can usually get 2nd place. I kind of have a special technique for it.

  Wither Assault, I absolutely love blowing stuff up or dodging everyone's rockets and stuff.

 Castle Siege, I like being on both sides. I have a technique for getting the king ahead of time. And I like making defenses and destroying armies of bad guys.

 Death Tag, I usually like the bedroom more than the village.

 Dragons, I love being the final survivor, but they are annoying.

 Super Smash Mobs, I like being the spider, I can stay in a lot longer.

 I like drawing things in Draw my Thing.

 I like the idea of paintball for a game.

 Survival Games are always fun, until you die and have to wait for 3 guys who are nowhere near each other to finish a game so you can get your points.

 Wizards is a neat idea for a game. I usually type spells if I am waiting for the game to end. For example, I do evadacadabra or something like that.

 Mines Strike reminds me of MW3 or black ops.

 Speaking of warfare, here is a video of a guy called on youtube who kicks butt. Enjoy his videos. and here is a link to his home page.


 I am also hoping to collect the End set, the Nether set, and the Village set.  Please review this post.


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