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Lego Ninjago Kai ZX

Lego Ninjago Kai ZX
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 He may get in over his head or hot under the collar , but he is a good ninja and can kick butt like the other ninja. He became a ninja to help find his sister who was taken by the skeleton army in order to unleash Lord Garmadon on Ninjago, through many battles and lessons, he was able to unlock his true potential.

 Although he was not the foretold Green Ninja, he was able to save the Green Ninja and somewhat help in the destruction of the Overlord. The fire that burns within him can more than turn his opponents to ash. I also like him  in the 2 new Ninjago seasons, but he has no clue how to date a girl.

 Lego has made several versions of him, but I think the only one they haven't made was before he became a ninja, when he was a blacksmith. But they made his first ninja outfit with the dragon on it. Then there was the Kai ZX version. They made another one for when he was using his true potential. There was yet another one made when he had the elemental sword from the temple of light. That version was my personal favorite. And then they made one with his hair for when he was battling Nindroids. And then they did 2 versions of Kai in the newest season. And they might do more if Lego keeps coming up with story lines for the ninja.

 Speaking of elemental heroes, have you heard of the new Bionicle sets. It  is a bit different from the old story lines with Mata Nui and stuff, I thought for sure this series would be after the Mask of Light movie Lego made. I guess I just have to get used to the new story.

 I hope you found this interesting, expect more posts from me.


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