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Lego Star Wars Jar Jar Binks

Lego Star Wars Jar Jar Binks
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 As you all know, Jar Jar is a clumsy Gungan that was once banished for making a few bombad mistakes. In episode 1 he was saved by Qui-gon multiple times and eventually became general of the gungan armies. Do not ask me how that happened. after Naboo was liberated, he became the second senator for naboo. Sometimes his clumsiness saves the day, like when Ryloth needed supplies, or when he saved the Rodians from CIS control by being a Jedi, and a few other situations that Jar Jar's clumsiness came in handy.

 Lego has made 2 or 3 versions of Jar Jar. the first were the older sets when Star Wars minifigures had yellow faces. Then Lego did a troop transport with all the droids. Not the big brown tank transport but the smaller tank. Then now Lego appears in a AAT in the new sets.

 I really like the pod races in the first episode. I have a really cool place called boondocks that is only a 15 minute drive from my house. It has an arcade, a miniature golf course, go-karts, laser tag, bumper boats, bowling, and more. In the arcade, there are 2 Star Wars games I like to play, one is a star fighter game where you fly through episodes 4, 5, and 6. Sometimes you get to play on the ground, but you usually have to play the star fighter part first. Then there is a pod racing game where you can play on 3 different maps with difficulties. You can actually play another person. The controls are just like in the movie. You can play on 2 different star systems if I remember correctly. Malastare is the medium while Tatooine is the easy and the hard. It is really fun.

 Laser Tag is my favorite thing to do there. it is a big, dark. glow in the dark, 2 level, battle zone full of places to take cover, and fog machines. There are two bases that you try to shoot, and you can also shoot other players. You wear vests that keep your score, and tell you when you are shot, or you shot someone else. It is really fun and just like Star Wars, only there are no droid armies and stuff like that.

 Go-karts are my second favorite thing to do there. It is a big track where you get to race in go-karts. Kind of like pod racing only less dangerous.

 I hope you found this interesting, please review this.

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