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Lego Star Wars Super Battle Droid

Lego Star Wars Super Battle Droid
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 Super battle droids are the heavy units of the Separatist alliance. They come in 2 different versions. The first one is the regular laser arm super battle droid, they are more common when it comes to super battle droids. The second version is the rocket arm super battle droid. They don't appear in episodes 1-3, but they are seen in the animated seasons of Star Wars the Clone Wars.

 They are both very fun to use in the Lego Star Wars the Clone Wars game. If you are a force user, you can lift them up and shoot out a barrage of lasers or rockets. It is pretty cool when you see it.

 The super battle droid is also my favorite class to use on Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2. They combined both versions of the battle droid and made it into the ultimate super battle droid. The CIS is not my favorite side to use on there if I am looking to win a game, but It is still pretty fun. The magna guards are fun to use with the rocket pistol and the poison ability. Droidikas are awesome when it comes open field battle and capture the flag battles.

 My favorite CTF map while playing as a droidika is Polis Massa. As you know if you play battle front 2 that all except the CIS are able to breathe for a long period of time outside in the no air environment. So my strategy is this.

1. Spawn as a droidika.

2. Enter the ball form.

3. Enter the hangar.

4. Pass through the force field and into the asteroid part of the map where tanks battle.

5. Head to the enemy hangar without getting blown to bits.

6. Enter the enemy hangar and get to their flag.

7. Exit ball form and activate your shields before you are blown to bits about 5 yards from the flag.

8. Battle your way to the flag and secure it.

9. Reenter ball form and exit the way you came without being blown to bits.

10. Avoid the tanks and return to your flag and capture it.

11. Repeat the process until victory goes to the CIS.

12. Do the robot for the victory dance.

 This can work for heroes and the other units if you can secure a tank. But if you try this with out a droid loadout, please ignore steps 1, 2, 7, the first part of 9, and 12.


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