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Lego the Hobbit an Unexpected Journey Within the Goblin Caves

Lego the Hobbit an Unexpected Journey Within the Goblin Caves
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 This is a pretty cool creation if I do say so myself. It was at least 2 feet tall and several feet wide with multiple functions to make it realistic. For example, where the company sleeps in the first movie, I installed trap doors to make the scene where they  they fall into a similar pit as in the movies where they are captured, Bilbo and the goblin falls on a rock that brings them to Gollum's lair. I put mushrooms for where Bilbo is hidden from Gollum while the goblin gets it. sad And I also made it so the bridge colapses into the cavern. There are several more details that you will either read about or see in the pictures.

 Naturally, I have a lot of Lego the Hobbit sets and am still collecting. So you will see a few Lego set things in the pictures. Like when I took the Goblin King's chair from the actual lego the goblin caves set.laugh

I personally think Gollum's cave is my favorite part of my lego version. I put a lot of detail and work, although I was starting to run out of grey bricks, I managed to give it an authentic look. I have one of the many rocks that Gollum likes to stand on as well as the passageways through the cave and out to the light. I even built the scene where Bilbo gets stuck. There are a few bones, mushrooms, and rocks here.

For the upper levels, I couldn't really support it as good as I would have liked, but It still is pretty good. I used white bricks for Gandalf's shockblast that knocks everyone down. And if you haven't noticed I used the Rancor's claw from Lego Star Wars to help him to hold on to the platform. I know, but the fat guy wouldn't stay on. smiley

 At first I had the rock creature made of bionicle pieces but it was short and couldn't make appear in the pictures. I really hope you enjoyed my goblin caves creation, please leave a review.smiley

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 Awesome!, 01-26-2015 06:43AM

By: HelloKitty

I thought this was awesome! It looks like you made your own movie! My favorite is the one with Bilbo and Gollum. Too cool! I think I'm going to have to get busy and make some Lord of the Ring creations of my own.