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 Yoda is the best Jedi ever!!!, 09-08-2014 03:43PM

By: Dad

It's true - I really like Yoda and I think that he's the best Jedi ever. Yes, he makes all of the others stick to the rules, but he does it because he cares about the other Jedi and also the Jedi order. He takes time to think, he is very wise, and he is an incredibly good fighter for being so small. I always like to put Yoda in my Lego creations because he goes with every battle set there is.

I thought it was really tough when he fought Darth Sidious because he looks like an old man with a cane but then he literally explodes into the fighting mode. Too cool!!!

I also like you site because I can leave my own reviews for free and I love talking about Legos.