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This is the category where you'll find thousands of talented Lego brick builders from California. If you live in California and you like to build with Lego bricks - then you can sign up and start using our site in just minutes - today!


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Darth Sidious Sith Lord Evil Mastermind

Sidious is awesome in an evil kind of way.

Cole Leader of the Ninja Ninjago

Cole is the leader of the ninja team.


Lego the Hobbit an Unexpected Journey Within the Goblin Caves

This I made it just like the actual movie.

Lego Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu Jay inventor Minifigure

Jay is the shockingly funny ninja of the team.

Bawlin from Lego set 79003 An Unexpected Gathering

Bawlin is one of the oldest warriors in the company of Thorin Oakenshield.

Hello Kitty Collectibles

These are just a few of the Mega Block Hello Kitty Collectibles I've made.

Hello Kitty Camper Mega Block

This Hello Kitty camper is pretty cool. It has extra places inside to put other Hello Kitties.