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Luke Skywalker the Ultimate Star Wars Minifigure

Luke Skywalker the Ultimate Star Wars Minifigure
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Luke Skywalker is by far my favorite Jedi in the Star Wars Galaxy. And he is also the most powerful. You might be thinking that I am crazy to think that he is better than all of the other characters like Obi Wan, or Windu. But this is my opinion.


 First I will give you facts. Luke was trained by both Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and Jedi Master Yoda. They were nearly the most powerful Jedi in the Jedi Temple. And they are about the only survivors of the fall of the Jedi and the rise of the empire. That is a pretty good argument.

 Next Luke defeated Darth Vader, the ultimate Sith lord of the time. So for a Jedi that was not even fully trained to win in combat against him is a great accomplishment seeing that Vader defeated countless Jedi and other foes including, Count Dooku, and Ben Kenobi. Sidious said that Vader would be more powerful than either of us during his battle with Yoda. That pretty much happened.

 Then Luke defeated both a rancor in Jabba's Palace without a lightsaber. I say that is pretty good. Then he takes out everyone else on Jabba's barge including Jabba. The hutts weren't the empire, but they still held a good army and power.

 He was also the one to destroy the so called unstoppable death star with an x-wing star fighter that no one else could.

 If you want even more proof, take a look at the lost seasons of Star Wars the Clone Wars.

 In Star Wars Battle Front 2, He is a very awesome player to fight with. I have gotten hundreds of kills in single games with him. I am hard to beat when I am playing as him. He is also awesome in several other games like Empire at War or Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga.

 I hope you find Luke as awesome as I do now. Be on the look out for more of my posts.

See ya



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