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Monster info
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 You will hear the secrets of 9 monsters from Minecraft. Let's begin with the Witch. They do not carry wands or broomsticks, but they do have potions that will do multiple things, such as heal themselves, poison you, damage you, and protect themselves from being burned alive. I suggest you have a good sword.

 Silverfish are not fish, I originally thought so but they will drown, they tend to destroy blocks and lay eggs in stone.

 Endermen are among the deadliest of enemies in minecraft. They usually leave you alone as long as you do not look at them with your cursor. They can teleport to attack you from different areas. They can take blocks and use them against you or put them somewhere else. They do not go into buildings that have a height of 2 blocks inside, since Endermen are 3 blocks high. And water kills them slowly, whether they fall in a lake or it is raining. You must have iron armor and a good sword to survive against them in combat.

 Creepers are silent but deadly, when they move they are nearly unheard, when they get close to you they explode. But in water they are harmless, or you can use a bow to kill them at a distance.

 Skeletons kill you at a distace, charge them while ducking behind cover every once in a while to get close, then kill them. Or use a bow too. They do not like the sun, they can survive day light if they are in the shade or in water.

 Zombies are slow, easliy heard, and come in numbers, when you attack one zombie, be prepared to fight off an army. The little zombies are much faster then the others, so you will have to fight them. The regular zombies also do not like the sun, they can survive day light if they are in the shade or in water. But the mini Zombies can survive daylight with or without water or shade.

 A blaze is a real good name for this monster from the Nether. It shoots fire and flies and is the strongest beast in the nether, since there is no water, you might want to use the fire resistance potion, only problem is making a potion mixer from a blaze rod. It resides in the Nether Castle.

 Spiders are fast and can climb just about any building with ease. You will have to face them, Cave spiders are also deadly, when they bite you they poison you. They are smaller than regular spiders.

 Guardians are cute and sound cute, but they do a good impression of jaws in the water. Out of water they are harmless, in water they will kill anything. They guard the Ocean temple and the guardian boss. Perhaps the invisibility potion, plus the water breathing potion, plus the nightvision potion might help you.

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