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Obi-Wan Kenobi Special Lego Light Up Lightsaber Minifigure

Obi-Wan Kenobi Special Lego Light Up Lightsaber Minifigure
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 Obi-Wan Kenobi is an awesome character in the Star Wars Saga. He is the destroyer of General Grievous, the trainer of the chosen one, a clone wars hero, and a good friend. He isn't a Jedi to rush into a fight, but rather to consider all of the options and then fight. He has been on many adventures and battles with Qui-Gon Jin and Anakin Skywalker. And he is one of my favorite characters, except for Luke Skywalker which I did in a previous post.

 This is one of the rarest forms of Kenobi. This is a light up lightsaber minifigure that has only been seen in the older sets of Lego Star Wars. It was in a set called the ultimate duel, or something like that. Anyways, a light up Anakin Skywalker also came with the set. Unfortunately, I have long since destroyed the set but kept the minifigures.

 I really like to use him on Star Wars Battlefront 2 as well as other related games. He has some awesome force attacks when you get the chance to use him. If you like total annihilation, use him on Mustafar. I have a little trick on the map that can get me over 400 kills if you play him right. First go into instant action and select the Mustafar ground map. Next modify the game settings so that there are as many units in the fight as possible, and make it so that you can be a hero all of the time. Then feel free to start the game. At the beginning of the battle, spawn as Obi-Wan at the control tower area where you can destroy the bridge controls. Don't quote me on the exact names of the places. Once the controls are destroyed, capture the 2 command posts outside the complex while destroying all that gets in your way. Finally, head to the final command post where the bridges led to in the beginning and use your lightsaber throw ability to finish off the remaining Imperial or CIS forces. It will make sense when it is done if you did not understand what I wrote above.


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