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Star Wars Mountain Base

Star Wars Mountain Base
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 This is one of the most protected bases that I have ever built. It has a three story base, a small jungle, a lower rocky terrain with lava, and a village. The jungle is full of creatures and poisonous bugs, such as the crocs, spiders, and snakes.

 The lower rocky terrain is a place of burning lava, and caves. Also, a few insects and beasts roam the area looking for something to eat.

 The village is protected by the black gate of mordor, and yes I know it is from one of Lord of the Rings sets. I also used the Mos Eisley Cantina. There are a few small huts surrounding the area. I made crops and a silo for more of a village look. There is also a small pond for water.

 The 3 level of the base is a vehicle storage area. I put in a wide variety of vehicles. There is a door that is visible from outside of the jungle that can slide open to allow tanks and stuff to go through. There are two hidden automatic turrets near the back of the base that defend the interior. You can also see little tool storage compartments for repairs. And you can also see a functionable elevator that can reach all three floors.

 The 2 level is a command center. There are two prisoner cells with opening doors. There is also an armory on either side of the level with a lot of fun weapons and stuff. And in the center of it you can see a 4 sided control terminal.

 The 1 floor is the highest secured area in the building. On the outside, where the lower rocky terrain is, it looks like a part of the mountain. But there are two hidden man controled turrets on either side plus a sliding door for troops and small tanks from the first level brought down by the elevator.

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