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The Ultimate Toa

The Ultimate Toa
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 This is my ultimate Toa. I kind of imagined him as the first version of Mata Nui when he fought his brother, the Makuta. This happened before the original three movies. I imagined him as being able to wear several golden armor pieces that would allow Mata Nui to control all of the Elements, fire, earth, stone, ice, jungle, air, water, light, and life. Due to his highly advanced body, he can take the power without blowing up.

  Although Mata Nui's power was formidable, his brother wielded something just as powerful. The Dark Blade. The Dark blade was made out of the very darkness of the Makuta. The blade is legendary, for it could take several forms for versatility, and had equal power. There was only one catch, it would only answer to a true Makuta. On top of this, the Makuta had a body that had enough strength and firepower to give anyone a run for their money.

 After Mata Nui defeated his brother in an epic battle, he was tempted with the power he wielded, and the feeling of being unstoppable with both the elemental armor pieces and the thought that he might be able to control the Dark Blade as well. Due to these thoughts, he new he had to give up the armor pieces and the blade or be turned to the side of evil.  He then created the Toa to protect the Matoran in his absence, just in case the Makuta returned. He gave his people the three virtues for them to live by, unity, duty, and destiny. Then He hid his elemental armor pieces and the pieces of the Dark Blade all over Mata Nui and Metru Nui, and left his Bionicle form. Then the original 3 movies occur. Yes I am adding on to the story to my taste.

 I could go on and on with this story but I do not want to bore you. If you want more of this exciting story in my version. PLEASE LET ME KNOW, I ENJOY THIS. Or just leave a review on this. Or if you want to read about the older version according to Lego, Click Here. See you Later, bye. Also, if you like minecraft, watch the video below. I just thought it was helpful.




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