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The Ultra Rare Silver Storm Trooper

The Ultra Rare Silver Storm Trooper
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     This is my ultra rare silver storm trooper. I know it is an older version but it is still pretty cool. It was only available for a limited time at toys r us. And now I am glad I got it because I have something to showoff on Brickandtell. Enjoy these fun facts about the empire and other thingamajigs. I made that word up, sort of.

     FYI, if you have completed the campaign of Star Wars Battlefront 2 than you can just skim this blog. But if you have not played it, please do not skim.The campaign is a journal of the 501st legion of clone troopers that fought through both the Galactic Civil War, and the Clone Wars. It starts out on Mygeeto, an industrial war brought to ruins because of the clone wars, where a battalion of the 501st led by Jedi Master Ki Adi Mundi to destroy a droid manufacturing facility. What the Jedi did not know was that the Chancellor sent the clones to retrieve an experimental mygeetan power source that would later be used for the death star. The mission was accomplished right under Mundi's nose. That is pretty much the everything that happened during level 1.

     Then it goes on to the space battle of Coruscant where the 501st takes to the skies in an attemp to buy Jedi Masters Anakin Skywalkrt and Obi-Wan Kenobi time to rescue Palpatine. Then on to Felucia where the 501st stop the CIS from gaining a foot hold in the dangerous world. The next level was another space battle to break through the blockade of Kashyyyk, home world of the
Wookies. After successfully reaching the planet's surface, you join Jedi Master Yoda in the defense of Kashyyyk.

    During all of this, you learn of how the fighting men of the 501st legion felt, learned, and believed. For example, they thought that they were securing peace for the republic/empire. Moving on, the 501st learn that General Grievous is on Utapau, a barren world with entire cities dug into the ground. So General Kenobi gathers an army large enough to conquer 5 star systems.By the end of the battle, there would be nothing left of the cyborg but a few miscellaneous parts, both organic and metal. Normally those words would have meant celebration, but the next set of orders dampened such thoughts. The time has come, execute order 66.

     What the narrator remembers the most about the fall of the Jedi was how quiet it was on the ship from Utapau to Coruscant. The clone wonders if anyone had silent regrets, thoughts of betrayal, or anything like that. But if they did, they said nothing, not when they marched into the Jedi Temple, not when the lightsabers were activated, and not when the Jedi fell. Not a word. After that, the 501st, as well as the rest of the army, received shining new armor, deadly new weapons, and blazing new ships. Thereafter the 501st legion was put under the direct command of Lord Vader as recognition of their deeds in the founding of the new Galactic Empire.

     After that the 501st battled rebels, rogues, and anyone who dared to challenge the new order. Some of these rebel rou  were like the Queen of Naboo, a Geonosian fugitive that created a droid army on Mustafar, and Kaminoans that created another clone army to challenge the empire. But eventually, they found a cell that was more effective than the rest. You know the cell as the Rebel Alliance, but the 501st didn't know it until later. They managed to steal the schematics of the Death Star during a prison riot on the Death Star.

     Then Vader narrowed the location of the missing plans down to a space station called Pollis Massa. Or something like that. But unfortunately the plans weren't there, but it did lead to someone who did. The next level is on the famous Tantive IV. You're objective on the level is to retrieve the plans and capture the princess before her and the rebels can escape. The plans escape you again. Then you know episode IV happens next and the Death Star goes boom. Then the 501st gets revenge by conquering Yavin IV. How come everything in the episode IV has a IV in it.

     Finally, the iconic battle of Hoth occurs. It was the empire's finest moment. It is the hardest level, but also the most fun. You get to play as the Vader as well as pilot an AT-AT. I really like the end of the game, but I won't spoil it for you. Anyways, back to the silver storm trooper. I now have it decked out to be a phase 2 dark trooper. I hope you enjoyed this post, see you next time.

     P.S. Watcht the video below for an idea of the gameplay on Star Wars Battlefront 2.


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