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Venator Class Cruiser

Venator Class Cruiser
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 The Venator Class Cruiser, aka the Jedi Cruiser. I know that I inverted the color scheme but I rather like it that way. Anyways, it is the Republic's main ship, besides the Republic Assault Ship, It usually is commanded by Jedi generals, hence the Jedi Cruiser.

 You may know some of the generals and admirals that commanded this class of ship. My favorite is Anakin Skywalker. He actually crashed one of these ships in order to break a CIS blockade.  Obi-Wan nearly killed General Grievous during a space battle. He knew the ship was lost but he started the self destruct system with Grievous on the ship. But as always, he got away.

 I know that I used 2 examples of the ship getting blown up but here is a different example. They were used during the space battle above Coruscant. If you have seen the third Star Wars episode, Revenge of the Sith, then you know this is true. But I am guessing you don't know that Jedi Master Tinn was also a general fighting up there. He entered a heavily damaged ship in the battle and said to the clone commander," it's time to get a knew one." so he boarded a CIS ship with an army of jet pack clones behind him. It was in one of the older star wars the clone wars versions.

 This is my second favorite cruiser during the Clone Wars. My favorite is the Malevolence. Anyways it is a very classic triangle shape and the red is also cool.

 They were mainly used during the Clone Wars. Sometimes pirates used the outdated tech during the reign of the Empire. They were not as powerful as a star destroyer obviously. But it was good for smugglers and pirates and stuff.

 It is a similar design to the Imperial Star Destroyer. But it has 2 bridge areas instead of one and it is smaller than a Star Destroyer. The hangar also is on the top of the ship instead of the bottom. Let me know what you think of this fun post.


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