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Watto Toydarian Junk Dealer

Watto Toydarian Junk Dealer
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 Watto, what can I say, he is a short, flying, blue, gambling, sneaky, overconfident, salesman, Toydarian that does not like to lose. Now that I think of it, it would be kinda funny to have him on the Star Wars Battlefronts. You would be about to engage in a battle and out of nowhere Watto comes up to you to try and sell you candy, or the ammo he swiped from you. And while you are arguing over a good price, an enemy comes up, aims his rocket launcher, and boom. Of course Watto would slyly take a few step back during that part.

 Anyways, are you excited about Star Wars Battlefront 3 coming out soon, I know I am. If you have seen the trailer for it, you would know why. Hopefully you can command your troops just like in STBF1. But I am also glad that it came out on PC too. I mean, let the PS3 and Xbox 360 players be able to use the game too. The gaming console companies force you to buy the latest version of whatever console you use in order to get the awesome new games that aren't available on the older versions. And 9 times out of ten the console is not backwards compatible. If it was backwards compatible, actually did something new for your gaming experience besides adding facetime, internet, and all of that stuff you don't use, and had little bit lower price, I might be more apt to get the new consoles. I guess that is why I like PC gaming.

 You may think I am nuts but I have found some awesome PC games that can not be used on the play stations or Xbox. For example, Star Wars Republic Commando is awesome. If you liked the Star Wars books written by Karren Traviss you would like this. It is based on a commando squad known as Delta Squad. The gameing is a 1st person shooter that allows you to control your squad on the battlefield which is fun. It can do multiplayer games. (at least until the online gaming server went down) And it includes 3 long levels filled with pure awesomeness, explosions, and other fun things to do. And it even has bonus content once you complete a level. I hope you like this post, please let me know. The video below shows a glimpse of SWBF3.



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